Whaler’s Catch is located in the Historic Johnson Building
on Second Street in Paducah, Kentucky. Like the Johnson building,
Whaler’s Catch has a rich and varied past. Commonly known as “Whaler’s” by
local Paducahans, the first-of-its-kind fresh seafood restaurant and fish market was started in 1977 by Roberta Shelby Higdon. In 1991, the restaurant was purchased by John Harris who carried on Roberta’s traditional fare offering daily fresh seafood selections. In early 1996, the 59 year old building that housed Whaler’s Catch burned, causing major structural damage. As a result, John Harris opted to move the restaurant to its present location in historic downtown Paducah. Members of the “Catch Crew” invite you to enjoy our beautifully restored, historic setting, the casual New Orleans ambiance and fine dining that truly make Whalers Catch a local treasure.



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